Frequency of maternal & perinatal mortality and maternal morbidity among obstetrical patients referred with history of unattended pregnancy.

  • Amber Khawaja Areej Al Medinah Hospital, Karachi.
  • Fiza Ali Khan DMC, CHK.
  • Asifa Abdul Jabbar Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), Khairpur Mirs,
  • Naeem Akhter Khokhar Taluka Hospital.
  • Saima Farook Hamdard Hospital, Karachi.
  • Shahida Karamat Bahria University Medical & Dental College.
Keywords: Anaemia, Dystocia, Eclampsia, Haemorrhage, Maternal Perinatal Morbidity, Mortality, Pre-eclampsia, Sepsis


Objective: To determine the frequency of fetomaternal morbidity and mortality among obstetric patients referred to tertiary care hospital with history of no antenatal visit. Study Design: Descriptive Case Series Study. Setting: Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences, Sindh Province. Period: June 2018 to December 2018. Material & Methods: About 175 pregnant females aged 18-35 years, having alive singleton pregnancy, gestational age >20-40 week without any history of obtaining antenatal care facility were included and followed-up till delivery and outcome were noted. Results: Mean age of females was 27.49 ± 4.46 years (18-35). Mean gestational age was 34.03 ± 4.07 weeks. About two third women (63%) were referred from rural areas. Maternal mortality rate was 12.6% while perinatal mortality was about 21.7%. Frequency of maternal morbidity of recorded as 34.9% case of hemorrhage, 36.6% case of anemia, 12.6% case of dystocia, 29.7% case of pre-eclampsia, 23.4% case of eclampsia & 19.4% case of sepsis. Maternal age was significant effect modifier for the frequency of pre-eclampsia, sepsis and maternal mortality (p<0.05). Conclusion: Maternal and perinatal morbidity & mortality are very high among women who have not attended the antenatal check-up. The major causes are haemorrhage, anaemia, pre-eclampsia/ eclampsia, dystocia and sepsis.

Author Biographies

Amber Khawaja, Areej Al Medinah Hospital, Karachi.


Woman Medical Officer

Fiza Ali Khan, DMC, CHK.


Senior Registrar Gynae Unit 2

Asifa Abdul Jabbar, Gambat Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), Khairpur Mirs,


Assistant Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Naeem Akhter Khokhar, Taluka Hospital.



Saima Farook, Hamdard Hospital, Karachi.


Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology


Shahida Karamat, Bahria University Medical & Dental College.


Assistant Professor Obstetrics & Gynecology