Comparison of Near Total thyroidectomy with Sub total thyroidectomy for Multindular goipe in terms of recurrence rate.

  • Sajid Rashid Rawalpindi Medical University.
Keywords: Hypocalcemia, MNG, NTT, STT, Recurrence, RLNI


Objective: To compare the outcome of NTT and STT for multinodular goiter in terms of Recurrence rate. Study Design: Experimental study. Setting: Department of Surgery DHQ Teaching Hospital Rawalpindi. Period: July 2016 to December 2017. Material & Methods: All patients were admitted through OPD according to the already set inclusion and exclusion criteria. Two groups were made first group was NTT group and second group was STT group. Patients were divided into two groups by lottery method (Probability sampling). Follow up period for recurrence was 1 year. Analysis of data was done by SPSS version -20. Chisquare test was used to see the statistical significance. Value of P was set at 0.05. Results: A total of 63 (n=63) patients were included in the study. Over all there were 71.40% females and 28.60% males. Average age of the female patients was 36.3 years and in males average age was 40.60 years. In NTT group there were 32 patients (n=32) and in STT group there were 31 patients (n=31). There was no recurrence in NTT group whereas recurrence was noted in 5 out of 31 patients (16.10%) in STT group which was found statistically significant (p = 7.61). Overall incidental carcinoma was noted in 6 out of 63 patients (9.52%). So completion thyroidectomy had to be carried in 4 patients of incidental carcinoma from STT group whereas 2 patients of incidental carcinoma from NTT group did not require any further treatment. Conclusion: Results of this study prove the superiority of NTT over STT regarding recurrence rate and safety of treatment for multinodular goiter. NTT eliminates recurrence rate of MNG which is very high in STT. NTT also obviates the need for completion thyroidectomy in case of incidental carcinoma.

Author Biography

Sajid Rashid, Rawalpindi Medical University.


Assistant Professor of Surgery